Safe and certified technology

The germicidal ultraviolet radiation is a known sterilization method that uses ultraviolet light at the UV-C wavelength, which modifies the DNA or RNA of microorganisms and therefore prevents them from reproducing or being harmful. It is used in various applications, such as the disinfection of food, water and air.

Equally known is ozone as an energetic oxidant. Thanks to its power it is used as a disinfectant, deodorant, bactericide and sterilizer, in general for the disinfection of water, in the food and pharmaceutical fields, for the sanitization of the air in environments and in air conditioning and ventilation systems, in medicine in the treatment of bacterial or fungal infections.

The combination of ultraviolet rays (UVC) and ozone allows a high disinfection of viruses and bacteria, reaching even the innermost and shaded parts, which are not irradiates by UV rays.

The effectiveness of this technology is also reported in the Covid-19 Report of Italian Institute of Health - n. 25/2020, as well as attested by various scientific studies.

The BIO INERTIZERS are devices suitable for the industrial and civil context for the disposal of potentially contaminated, undifferentiable or differentiable waste, including also specific disposable device for Covid-19 health management. BIO INERTIZERS use UV-C and Ozone technology to disinfect the waste that is thrown into them.


Safety in the disposal of potentially contaminated waste

The current regulatory landscape, which requires the use of specific personal protective equipment for Covid-19 health management (masks, gloves, protective glasses, disposable coveralls), implies the responsible and precautionary management of personal protective equipment used inside especially companies, but also in highly frequented places and private environments.

For example, the Italian Institute of Health in the Covid-19 Report- n. 26/2020, regardless of the classification code of the waste, recommends "to use containers dedicated to the collection of disposable masks and gloves" and "to adopt containers or in any case solutions that minimize the possibility of direct contact of the worker who gets rid of the mask / glove with the waste and the container itself". Furthermore "the containers must be such as to ensure adequate ventilation to prevent the formation of potential condensation and consequent potential development of microorganisms, and preferably located in premises with adequate exchange of air and in any case protected from meteoric events."

Waste from personal protective equipment used in compliance with health requirements to counter the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 infection implies special management since the correct denomination of the waste must be guaranteed, which is the responsibility of the Producer and puts at the same time Administrators / Legal Representatives / Safety Managers and Environmental Managers in the face of disputes regarding the waste management or the management of possible accidents at work caused by infections for COVID-19.

Bio inertizers are devices that guarantee the safty and sanification of the working and public places. For this reason, they are devices that ensure compliance with health and containment requirements for the spread of Covid-19.

As can be seen from the extensive existing scientific documentation, exposure to UVC rays and ozone for a certain time and concentration, you get:

Immagine ambiente ostativo

An environment impeding the proliferation of viruses and bacteria

Immagine inertizzazione degli odori

An inertization
of odors

Immagine disinfezione virus e batteri

A disinfection of viruses and bacteria with a level of 99.999%

In the BIO INERTIZERS there is an exposure to UVC and a confined concentration of ozone that exceed those identified at a scientific level. For this reason, the use of BIO INERTIZERS in the disposal of potentially contaminated waste ensures:


to adopt a traceable and safe waste management practice and therefore that disposable devices are disposed of correctly


that the waste they contain is inertized, ie there is no proliferation of viruses and bacteria in the collection bag


that there is no cross contamination


that therefore the waste they contain is no longer dangerous or contaminating


that odors are eliminated


that the health of the places of accumulation and disposal is maintained


that the waste is not dispersed in the environment


that the user has not direct contact neither with the device nor with waste


to inertize and safetly keep many types of waste: in addition to the single – use TNT protection devices, the bio inertizers can also be used for food waste, nappies, food packaging, paper, cans

The bio inertizers are simple and easy to maintain; ordinary cleaning can be performed safely by a single operator. The waste collection compartments can only be opened with a key and by authorized personnel.

Solutions for industry

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